Never fear, Squire Patrick is here! Well, he will be, to continue safeguarding the kingdom in Crossing Swords Season 2.

No release date has actually been set for Crossing Swords Season 2. Although COVID-19 has closed down filming for live-action series, animated series such as The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers have continued releasing new episodes each week. Just as well, CBS’s Tooning Out the News has actually likewise found itself able to adapt to the quarantine constraints.

Still, animated series such as Arcane, a League of Legends spin-off, and The Legend of Vox Machina, developed by the Critical Role group, have had to stop production due to the quarantine constraints. According to Deadline, with the methods of communication moving, many animated series have found elements of production decreasing. An animation producer told Due date:

” Typically you have everybody interacting in a studio with the director and evaluation and modifications got from Person A to Individual B rather quickly … With the method things are now, that is taking a lot longer and we have actually lost a few of the capability to evaluate together, which likewise slows things down.”

Simply as well, home computer systems are not well-equipped to handle the large audio and video files that make up one episode of an animated series. With animation production currently experiencing these barriers to production, production for Crossing Swords Season 2 might definitely deal with the exact same challenges. Although Hulu’s other original animated series, The Awesomes, the 2nd season premiered within a year of being chosen up, it’s uncertain whether Crossing Swords, which is a stop-motion animation series, can anticipate the exact same turn-around.

If not, the program may not see its 2nd season airing till 2022 or later if COVID-19 stops production. The very first season did take 2 years to produce.

While no casting announcements have been produced Crossing Swords Season 2, at least, you should anticipate to see back Nicholas Hoult, who voices the series protagonist Patrick, as well as Luke Evans, who voices the unethical King Merriman. Obviously, I would likewise anticipate to see back the rest of the royal household, that includes King Merriman’s wife Queen Tulip, voiced by Alanna Ubach and their daughter Princess Bloom played by Maya Erskine.

I would likewise expect to see back Jameela Jamil, whose character Diane Sloane was exposed to be the assassin responsible for eliminating 3 lords and attempting to assassinate the royal household.

After being separated from her mom, the rightful beneficiary to the throne who was locked up in the kingdom’s castle, Diane vowed to go back to her and look for revenge on King Merriman. Eventually, her strategy was foiled by Patrick, however not prior to she was able to blow up the castle and escape.

No official summary or trailer has actually been launched for Crossing Swords Season 2 either, but it’s most likely that in Season 2, we’ll see Diane’s return in yet another effort to dethrone the king. We’ll also likely see the fallout from the attack as the kingdom attempts to rebuild, and Patrick’s sense of duty to the kingdom increase through his guilt of being tricked by Danielle.

What do you wish to see happen in Crossing Swords Season 2? Exist any repeating characters that you wish to see return? Let us understand in the remarks.