NBA near-trades are normally an afterthought considering it didn’t concern fruition and just fuels a great deal of what-ifs. Still, it does make for a lot of juicy stories. Like every NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers also had numerous prominent trades that never occurred. The franchise has actually enjoyed an abundance of superstars for many years, however they could have had more had these offers pushed through.

Let’s recall 3 of the craziest Sixers trade reports of perpetuity.

Charles Barkley to the Lakers for James Worthy and Elden Campbell (1992 )

As brilliant as Sir Charles was for them in his early years in the league, the Sixers brass was not keen on his outspoken nature towards the franchise. Barkley was quite vocal about his annoyance with Philly for supposedly stopping working to surround him with skill.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s archives, a deal was established for the Lakers to take in Barkley and Ron Anderson in exchange for Deserving and Campbell.

The tradeoff was rather great for the Sixers, thinking about Worthy could have quickly changed Barkleys’ area in the beginning system, while Campbell provided another feasible choice at center.

Barkley even captured wind of the deal and was pleased to be playing in Hollywood. However Philly reportedly backed out at the last minute. The Round Mound ultimately found his way out of Philly via a trade to Phoenix that summertime.

Larry Hughes to the Raptors for Tracy McGrady (1997 )

Prior to making a name for himself with the Wizards and the Cavs, Hughes first shared the Sixers backcourt with Allen Iverson. The 6-foot-5 guard was quite strong in his very first two seasons in the league and was getting seen by several other teams.

A lot so, that Toronto was prepared to quit the unverified McGrady to obtain Hughes. That deal should have been a no brainer for the Sixers. Although T-Mac was not yet the offensive juggernaut that he became, he was larger than Hughes, might cover several positions, and would have complemented AI better.

Philly screwed this one up huge time, as they experienced cold feet and mistakenly revoked the deal. The Sixers ultimately shipped Hughes to the Warriors, while AI managed to lead the team to the 2001 finals without him.

Envision if Iverson had McGrady at the time. Maybe the Sixers could have offered the Lakers a far better fight.

Allen Iverson to the Pistons in a 4-team offer (2000 )

Iverson did ultimately discover himself in a Pistons jersey in 2008, however it could have taken place way faster.

At the time when AI’s indifference with then-head coach Larry Brown reached its peak, the Sixers were ready to ship him off to Detroit even for weak returns.

The Sixers had to navigate through a complex 4-team offer with the Pistons, Hornets, and Lakers simply to unload their distressed super star.

Philly was set to take in Eddie Jones, Glen Rice, Jerome Williams, and Dale Ellis. Charlotte takes Jerry Stackhouse, Christian Laettner, and Travis Knight. The Lakers were going to receive Anthony Mason, Toni Kukoc, and Todd Fuller, while Detroit would have gotten Iverson and Matt Geiger.

The blockbuster deal appeared to be set in stone, up till Geiger complicated things. The 7-foot center declined to forfeit his $5 million trade kicker, which eventually killed the agreement.

This, of course, ended up being a blessing in disguise for the Sixers. Iverson eventually covered things up with Brown and sealed his location as one of the game’s all-time greats.

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