We are coming up on a regrettable anniversary: the day that COVID-19 was stated a worldwide pandemic. For many of us, it has been almost a year considering that we started working from home, regularly using masks outside, and doing many of our interacting socially digitally. Though vaccine distribution is starting to present, we are still really much in the middle of this pandemic. That being stated, why the eff are we still believing that we will be having in-person gatherings like computer game competitors anytime soon? Capcom has just recently announced that the Capcom Cup will be cancelled this year. Yeah, no duh.

The Capcom Cup 2020 and Street Fighter League World Championship were arranged to occur between February 19th and 21st in Punta Cana this year. Just yesterday, Capcom announced that they would be cancelled and would be changed by virtual events in the future. When events started getting cancelled this time last year, people were naturally disappointed, today they are getting cancelled and we are type of stunned they were prepared at all. Capcom did have COVID-19 safety measures and procedures put in place and posted for transparency, however with things being even worse than ever, it is simply excessive of a liability for an in-person competitors.

Obviously, Capcom was being optimistic when planning this occasion, but with so many events before this being moved to online just versions, it is sort of difficult to act blindsided by this. There is no word yet of when the Capcom Cup is being rescheduled, but with many fans being upset with the netcode needed for online video games, it appears that Capcom has its work cut out for them if they were to have an online competition.

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