Simply Talking continued its streak leading all material, without any indications of a competitor for its crown. Maybe the VALORANT official launch can challenge, but with no drops it will be a difficult battle next week.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic’s shutdown of live events, various Counter-Strike and Dota 2 tournaments have actually consistently held the lead spot throughout all channels, coming second only to the VALORANT views increased by drops. With that hazard gone for the time being, CS: GO esports once again increased to the top. This time it was the CORSAIR DreamHack Masters occasion, with the main broadcast creating 2.8 M hours viewed, and the Portugese broadcast just behind at 2.53 M.

While the space between Simply Talking and other content classifications on Twitch stays big, it did shrink today with League of Legends coming within 10M hours seen of the clubhouse leader. This is likely due in part to the end of the VALORANT beta, which would have returned lots of large streamers to top games like LoL and Fortnite.

This is what makes Just Chatting’s location atop Twitch seem rather unavoidable. As more games compete for both audiences and streamers, all of them will still continue to use Just Chatting on celebration alongside the consistent development of devoted non-gaming channels.