Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has gotten an update repairing numerous minor bugs, in addition to a relatively significant one that’s been around for a long time: other than no-one really seen. A key element of the video game is the sound of steps, which are various depending upon the surface being walked on. Hold your heavy weapons close, because it ends up certain surface areas have been resonating in the wrong way.

The bug has actually apparently remained in flow for a while, though I can’t put an accurate date on it, however probably pertained to Valve’s notice when it was the subject of a current and much-upvoted video on the CS: GO subreddit, ironically entitled The Moron and the Steps. It audibly shows that the incorrect range of footstep has actually been appearing on particular surfaces in popular maps.

So lastly we understand: any gamer that eliminated me from paradise on Nuke is an unfaithful hacker. The make use of is shown above occurring at various points in Train, Inferno and Mirage along with Nuke, contrasting the Offline noises (as they must be) with those of online matchmaking and thirdparty servers, where the incorrect kind of step audio plays. The patch notes state simply “fixed a bug which caused the incorrect step sounds to be used some surface areas.”

Apart from different neighborhood map fine-tunes the other significant modification is to the ping system, which in restricted situations could reveal the place of a surprise enemy. This problem hasn’t precisely been repaired, however for now pings will no longer highlight opponents, suggesting it won’t take place.

Valve has been choosing up the pace of CS: GO updates, and the competitors of Valorant has seen the two video games move more detailed with every patch. Other recent huge changes include the removal of bots from competitive while, in the competitive scene, the big news is the beginning of retributions for last year’s coaching scandal.