In addition to making a number of quality-of-life enhancements to the video game, Valve has also removed bots from competitive in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For the whole of the game’s life leading up to now, Counter-Strike has had a severe issue with gamers either abandoning matches or getting kicked for multiple reasons. Generally, a less-than-helpful AI would take control of in their stead. Players have long sought after improvements to bots, however practically none of them, myself consisted of, thought removing them would be a feasible repair – or a possibility.

The summary of the Counter-Strike Neighborhood’s feelings towards this removal can be found in one Tweet from Counter-Strike content developer, Abnormality, “They legit removed bots from competitive. If somebody on your group leaves, it’s instantly GG. We desired more control over the bots, having the ability to have bots drop weapons and have more complex commands, not removing them entirely.” Others have actually presumed the elimination was to prevent low-performing gamers from being kicked by their group so that the leading gamer could have a 2nd life.

However, on the flip side of that, if a gamer disconnects from a match, the bots that take their place act as a sort of stop-gap against the opponent team’s instant numbers benefit. Up up until now hazardous habits has been, ineffectively, hindered by gradually increasing the length of a competitive restriction; nevertheless, by getting rid of bots you’re harming a group for a person’s actions while safeguarding a possibly toxic player from being kicked. It is possible that we’ll never ever see Bot ‘Dave’ once again; nevertheless lots of others, myself included, believe this is temporary removal while Valve remodels the AI of the bots to fix, in a considerable way instead of an incremental one, the numerous problems about them from the neighborhood.

They have actually utilized this technique in the past for the Negev and R8 in competitive matchmaking. Whether this removal is irreversible – or short-lived – and whether or not this will change the habits of gamers will be seen in the coming months. In the meantime, longtime and new players alike are simply miffed. Valve included other modifications in the patch including a repair to a glitch that would enable gamers to see enemies picking up guns through walls via weapon shadows, environment modifications to Engage, and some optimization fixes. The full spot notes can be discovered here.