League of Legends: Wild Rift’s Yordle Exploration is approaching its end, and the second-to-last champ to sign up with the video game as part of the occasion has shown up.

This champion is none aside from the Daring Bombardier, Corki. This flexible Yordle is frequently played as either an ADC or in the mid lane. Corki fans will be delighted to understand that his package has actually stayed unchanged from its League of Legends counterpart.

Corki is the 4th of five Yordles introduced as part of the Yordle Expedition. Riot first introduced Lulu into the video game prior to following up with Kennen and Tristana. Now that Corki has entered the fray, just Teemo stays to be released.

To accompany Corki’s release, two skins have actually been contributed to the video game for the champion: Urfrider Corki and Game Corki.

There’s still a brief while left in the Yordle Exploration occasion, which is scheduled to end Jan. 29. This gives players sufficient time to complete the obstacles and make these new champs free of charge as they go into the Rift. Additionally, players can buy the champions from the in-game store.