Conmebol held off the very first leg of the semifinal of the South American Cup in between Coquimbo Unido and Defensa y Justicia on Thursday, due to the covid-19 pandemic, which ended up affecting the Argentine club.

Upon arrival in Chile, three positive cases were found and the health authorities of that country determined that the entire delegation needs to enter quarantine. For this reason, it was decided to delay the match to January 12 and transfer it to Asunción (Paraguay).

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Prior to the news, many fans of the Junior from Barranquilla they responded with outrage on social networks. It needs to be kept in mind that the Colombian group was removed by Coquimbo Unido in the quarterfinals.

The Chileans won 1-2 on the roadway. Junior won 0-1 in Coquimbo, but was overlooked due to fewer goals scored as a visitor. That day, the Colombian group could only utilize 14 players, as a positive case was found as quickly as the team got here in Chile. That player was isolated.

It should be remembered that Conmebol developed that the teams of the clubs that participate in its competitions can be approximately 50 gamers, and that if it has at least 7 gamers available, it can play the match. Because of that Junior played.

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The issue now is that the Chilean authorities, unlike what happened in the video game with Junior, did not only separate the affected individual but figured out that the entire delegation should enter quarantine, that made it difficult to play the game.