Among the authors from Control is tantalizing fans with a draft for the next big Solution game, potentially a follow up to Manage and Alan Wake.

A draft of the script for the next Solution video game has been teased by author and innovative director Sam Lake, who did the story for Control and Alan Wake. The 2 video games were combined back in August when Solution revealed that they took place in the exact same shared universe, which more games in that universe would be being available in the future. To make this combination official, Remedy launched a DLC for Control that in fact included characters from Alan Wake and which broadened substantially on the story of that preliminary thriller.

A tip of a script is one of the most appealing things Control fans have had on their plates lately. The game was mired in some current debate considering its jump to next-gen consoles. Publisher 505 Games notified fans that in order to take pleasure in the mind-bending shooter on PS5 or Xbox Series X they would need to purchase the Ultimate Edition, a special version of the game which released well after launch with all DLC content included. Fans who bought the game more detailed to release were, apparently, out of luck. Into the atmosphere of frustration that followed came an unexpected discovery when 505 started unintentionally upgrading non-Ultimate variations of the game, apparently contradicting itself. Lastly, the next-gen variation was delayed entirely, and is now aiming toward a release in February (for digital copies) and March (for physical ones).

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Fans annoyed by all this controversy can instead want to the future, due to the fact that a brand-new Treatment game is in the works. Sam Lake shared a photo on Twitter of himself holding a stack of papers which he recognized as a draft of the story for “the next huge Treatment video game.” The draft is dealing with away from the video camera, and no text is noticeable, so fans aren’t able to obtain any information from the text. Technically it’s possible that Lake is holding a pile of blank documents and playing a terrible trick, however that seems mainly meaningless. It stays to be seen if this video game is the next one to be embeded in the shared universe of Control and Alan Wake, a long anticipated Max Payne sequel, or something entirely new.

Fans will need to wait on more details about this strange title, however one never understands when more news will arrive. Recently the League of Legends neighborhood was shocked when Riot designer Greg Street delicately notified a fan that a LoL MMO was in advancement. Possibly Treatment fans will get similarly lucky, and Sam Lake’s Tweet will simply up and tell fans what sort of video game it is. It’s most likely that they’ll need to wait on an appropriate reveal trailer, though.

Both Control and Alan Wake resonated with fans for their unusual, otherworldly components and bizarre beasts. Control in specific is selling like hotcakes, in part thanks to its explosive and delightful combat, though it still hasn’t surpassed the success of Alan Wake. Remedy’s mind-bending stories are becoming its staple. Hopefully this mysterious new script will measure up to the happy credibility of Alan Wake and Manage.

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Source: Sam Lake

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