Building an ideal Hawks offseason: Finalizings, extensions and draft choices

After what felt like a continuous offseason, the end is near. Wednesday is the draft, and 2 days after that, free agency begins. The NBA revealed that the wage cap will stay flat for this season after the league sustained a 10-percent reduction for the 2019-20 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cap staying flat doesn’t necessarily affect the Hawks all that much since they still have the most cash to invest this offseason.

Since of the team’s cap area and openly stated desires to win this season, the Hawks are at the center of the offseason. Throughout the next week, it should come as not a surprise to see the Hawks involved in numerous reports. Some will be real, and some will be entirely incorrect. Groups and representatives ought to use the Hawks in any discussions they have because if a group finds out the Hawks are involved, it could increase the worth for a trade or contract.

General supervisor Travis Schlenk has the ways essential to guarantee the Hawks are …