ATHENS, W.Va.– Concord University’s Esports group has gotten where it ended from the fall to spring semester, by contending in and winning a few of the nation’s biggest college tournaments.

The program, established in fall 2019 in Athens under the National Association of Collegiate Esports, ended the fall semester in style by its Call of Task Maroon Group taking down the Tespa Fall Collegiate Cold War 4v4 tournament against the similarity Penn State University and the University of Alabama.

It has actually currently caught crowns in certain video games in the early weeks of the present semester.

” We are wanting to carry this momentum forward as we complete in the spring season of the CCL (Collegiate Call of Duty League) and have a repeat of our success from last season of CCL,” The 22-year old Concord Esports head coach Austin Clay said in a release.

Clay, a local of Kendall, New York, spoke with MetroNews about his team’s successes and where the program stands given that he took over for the program’s first coach Jake Neerland.

The program has a lineup of 43 trainees, playing in video games such as Call of Task, League of Legends, Overwatch, Valorant, and Smash. Clay said that is an average-sized roster for a university’s Esports program.

In the Call of Task champion win on December 20, the team included Captain Jamie ‘Megatron’ Nickell, a junior from Lewisburg, W.Va.; Bennett ‘ReDChase’ Daffron, a sophomore from McKenzie, Tenn.; Andrew ‘Crooked’ Thompson, a junior from Prince George, Va.; Zachary ‘Trauma’ Roney, a sophomore from Virginia Beach, Va.; and Niko ‘Paralyxsis’ Thibeault, a sophomore from Waterford, Conn

. Clay said Concord dropped only 3 maps in total throughout the competition with a last score of 3-1. It was redemption following a loss to Texas A&M in the 2019 competition.

The triumph earned the group an overall of $7,500 which will be divided between 5 players. But Clay stated much of the reward pool earnings go towards scholarships for the gamers. He stated a player has to maintain a 2.5 GPA to earn a tournament scholarship, hence inspiring everybody in the class.

Clay, 22, credits his youth for having the ability to get in touch with the gamers and assist inspire them. He showed up on campus July 20 after graduating from Alfred State College in New York just 2 months earlier. He had actually previously run the Esports club there for 2 years.

” I comprehend a great deal of their stress and their concerns of college life. That makes it easier to get along,” Clay told MetroNews.

” I understand the terms, lingo with Esports because I know what they want.”

On January 30, the program began the spring term by catching its second straight College Call of Task Kickoff competition after being seeded as the preferred. The team has future Call of Responsibility matches arranged against Cal State Long Beach, Penn State, Army, Liberty, Complete Sail, Arizona, and more.

Clay said the program has actually developed itself into a Call of Task powerhouse and now wants to develop the very same success in Valorant. He said they have the pieces on campus now and it’s time to come down to organization.

” This semester all of our groups are completing. It’s going to be a hectic, chaotic season however that’s what we registered for with Esports,” he informed MetroNews.

Clay noted the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the team in several methods regardless of it being an online competition.

Concord’s prepare for an arena has been suspended and the team has not been able to travel to other institution’s arenas.

” Yes, we can play from another location however it still has an effect on us. Now more individuals are using the internet so the web can be sluggish sometimes,” Clay said.

” It hurts us because we have to play online and not at a land center, playing head to head. That’s much easier since you wouldn’t have lag.”

Clay credited the help around him including Jamie Nickell for graphic style and Jordan ‘Azrael’ McCarthy as a Call of Responsibility coach.