@nctarheel composed:

No earlier than AARP eliminates one HACKED score, here is another one, @AARPLynne.

This morning the one I have actually grumbled about for two days was really eliminated only to be replaced by a rating of 237,852 published by @carlton1846.

As a suggestion, 5ROLL ratings are along the lines of Yahtzee, there is a limited maximum amount of points possible, around 6,200.

Please be more transparent, @AARPLynne, and inform us legitimate players how the leader board for this video game gets HACKED time and once again.

As one can see, it has actually been 2 DAYS because I reported this IMPOSSIBLE rating that has actually been HACKED onto the 5ROLL LEADER BOARD.

@AARPLynne, @AARPsneed, @AARPSandyY, these scores are disheartening to those people that practice this game, have actually become skilled at it, and, from time to time, publish a great score. To have our score moved one spot down, in many cases, 2 areas down, and for the poor person in tenth place, have their outstanding score removed completely since first location is inhabited by a DIFFICULT RATING is simply not fair.

I know these bogus scores have been removed rapidly in the past. But it has likewise taken beyond 2 days before also.

What is the procedure that occurs to eliminate a fake rating?