Following their win over the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-14) on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indianapolis Colts (11-5) are going to the playoffs.

Thanks to some assistance from the Buffalo Bills in their thrashing of the Miami Dolphins, the Colts will be getting in the AFC playoffs as the No. 7 seed. They had a chance to win the department, but the Tennesse Titans held off the Houston Texans to secure the AFC South.

This is the second time since the start of the 2015 season that the Colts have made the playoffs. The last time was 2018 when Andrew Luck returned from shoulder surgical treatment and a year off from problems.

It will be a hard roadway for the Colts however the reality that they are here provided all they have actually gone through is quite extraordinary. They’ve handled serious injuries and made the playoffs with a brand-new quarterback despite having no offseason.

In reality, they are the only AFC playoff team that made it to the postseason with a brand-new quarterback.

The times and dates for the wild-card games have yet to be figured out however it will either be Saturday, Jan. 9 or Sunday, Jan. 10.