The Colts considered Trey Burton to be key to their offense, today he’ll miss time. Maybe this pickup will assist?

About a month ago, Trey Burton was the brand-new and remarkable valve in the slot whose production would make the Colts offense go, according to offending planner Nick Sirianni.

As we approach Week 1, though, the dream of Burton leading a seamless charge and making Jack Doyle’s contract unimportant have liquified. Burton will miss out on at least the season’s very first few video games with an injury, and Doyle and Mo-Alie Cox were the only other tight ends picked to the group’s initial 53-man lineup.

Just one day later, though, the Colts did some maneuvering, using the Eagles’ lineup shifts versus them. Former Philly tight end Noah Togiai was one of very couple of players cut on Saturday who made their way to brand-new lineups by Sunday afternoon, and Indianapolis clearly thinks that the ex-Oregon State pass-catcher can at least hold down the fort for depth purposes prior to Burton’s arrival.

Togiai, a UDFA who signed with the Eagles following the 2020 draft, played five years at Oregon State, acquiring an outstanding senior season (44 receptions, 406 yards, and a trio of goals).

His strength remains in the pass-catching game, but his obstructing leaves plenty to be preferred; it’s even been explained as “simply absurd” by Bleeding Green Country’s Benjamin Solak. However that’s not why Togiai is being checked out. Burton was a significant part of the team’s offensive strategy, and the kid may get tossed into the fire specifically to keep the Colts’ other pieces operating at complete strength.

The lineup casualty to make this take place? Swing take on Chaz Green, extensively considered as a likely offseason cut prior to this needed switch.

Colts fans should not depend on Togiai to action in and be both familiar with Sirianni’s offense and impactful within its borders.

However with tight end starting as a centerpiece this offseason, and swiftly becoming a location of requirement, this signing made total sense.