While it would be good to think that the New Orleans Saints are the only team that desires Jameis Winston, that just might not be the case.

The New Orleans Saints, for a 4th straight season, feel like they failed to fulfill expectations.

After a three-interception video game by Drew Brees sent the team packaging in their Divisional Round match with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there appears to be a growing anticipation that the 42-year-old is going to call it a career.

With Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford already on the relocation this offseason, the Saints might be forced to be in the market for a new beginning quarterback.

The player that would be more than likely to take Brees thrown is 2019 passing yards leader Jameis Winston. Winston signed in New Orleans after tossing for over 5,000 backyards but likewise dispensing a league-high 30 interceptions.

Winston had a magical minute that almost assisted propel the Saints to victory as he tossed a bomb on a trick play for a 56-yard goal in his only breeze against the Bucs.

In spite of Brees missing out on four video games, Winston played just 55 snaps as Taysom Hill took over after Brees was put on hurt reserve. However, Winston is definitely the much better pocket passer and is the much better long-term play.

Signing an one-year offer, the Saints, who remain in a $100 million salary cap issue, may not have the cap to pay him what other teams could. That stated, other groups might be interested in the former No. 1 general pick.

There could wind up being far from players in the Winston market than just the Colts, Bears and Saints. We’ll continue to assess the interest, however for now, Winston would still be set up undoubtedly much better established for success in New Orleans than anywhere else.

Nevertheless, if it’s money he desires, he’ll head elsewhere. After taking a deal valued at around $1 million last season, it does not seem he’s almost the money. It’ll be a fascinating situation to watch on.

The market will exist, but can the Saints continue to keep him in the Huge Easy? That will be one of the most pressing questions for New Orleans this offseason.