While the Cloud9 finalizing of young phenom Counter-Strike: Global Offensive talent Alex “ALEX” McMeekin isn’t earth shattering, the release of financial details associated with a finalizing from a significant esports company is. When Cloud9’s brand-new CS: GO General Supervisor Henry “HenryG” Greer revealed the signing of McMeekin, for the first time in esports history financial information of the deal were consisted of together with the announcement.

The organization will continue to release contract information for each of its new gamer finalizings when they are announced.

Esports player incomes are one of the most closely-guarded secrets in the area. Organizations, agents, and gamers have been meticulous in keeping this information personal. Nevertheless, as esports continues to grow, there has actually been a growing belief that this details must be shared in the exact same vein as standard sports.

Traditionally, in sports, gamer salaries are shared by the particular gamer unions in the attempt to reveal openness and give benchmarks as to why gamers are making a particular amount of cash. In esports, there has actually been a large variation in regards to gamer wages and this seems the very first step in a practice that could help stabilize an area in which inflated gamer wages can outstrip individual and group income potential.