Chinese eSports player Jian Zihao announced his official retirement from gaming. The 23-year-old eSports professional athlete mentioned poor health and weight problems, amongst others. He has actually been playing professionally because 2012 under the pseudonym “Uzi.”.

According to BBC, Zihao’s specialty remains in the MOBA “League of Legends.” His decision to stop the global arena of eSports gaming was announced on the Chinese social networks platform Weibo, where he has five million fans.

Zihao has actually been popular for his aggressive playing style, which also made him the name “Mad Pet.” In his message for his fans, the eSports professional athlete notified them that he was “happily” deciding to retire. In his message, he likewise stated that he had actually been suffering diabetes and was living on a “fatty diet.”.

He assured fans that he had actually been taking the steps to return to a much healthier lifestyle. According to the gamer, he had to alter his work schedule from remaining up late to exercising and regularly “taking medicine.” He made it clear, nevertheless, that he was not in an excellent “mindset” yet. He also said he was experiencing a hand injury, a typical grievance among eSports gamers.

According to Fastbreak PH, Uzi was well-liked by the Chinese media and was consisted of among the best players in the history of League of Legends. He was a member of the Chinese eSports team Royal Never Give Up (RNG). He was applauded as an important member of RNG and was also hailed as an “icon” in around the world eSports.

RNG provided a declaration, stating that they wished him well and will even more help him in his future ventures. In addition, they will help him recuperate to his full state. They assured the gamer that they will never leave him, even if he is retiring.

Zihao’s retirement from competitive gaming sheds light on the dangerous side-effects of the electronic sport, where a sedentary lifestyle, bad diet plan and long hours in front of a computer system screen leads to serious health conditions. Gamers have actually likewise complained about gastrointestinal issues along with deteriorating vision as common, which causes early retirements from the sport, like Zihao had actually done.

eSports are on the rise Photo: AFP/ Brendan Smialowski.