THE KANSAS City Chiefs and the Houston Texans started NFL season on Thursday with a joint tackle– at racism.

Before the black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the Texans went to the locker room and were not present for the “The Star-Spangled Banner,” according to KMBC.

The Chiefs remained on the field for both tunes but throughout the national anthem, defensive lineman Alex Okafor took a knee, representing his intent to accentuate racial inequality and police brutality problems.

Okafor was the only Chief player to kneel at Arrowhead Stadium.

After the anthems, the teams came together at midfield for a joint demonstration they called a “minute of unity.”

The moment consisted of a statement on the scoreboard from players of both teams: “We support equality. We need to end bigotry. We believe in justice for all. We need to end authorities cruelty. We pick unconditional love. Our company believe Black Lives Matter. It takes everyone.”

Chiefs and Texans players connected arms throughout the demonstration.

As evidenced by the “boos,” that gesture was not well-received by some of the 17,000 fans who participated in the video game under social distancing and mask-wearing standards.

During warmups, Chiefs players wore red “Vote” shirts and the team’s star quarterback Patrick Mahomes wore cleats printed with “Change.”.

Players from both groups interacted long before kickoff to prepare the joint presentation.

” We’ll do something in unison, something together to show our support for everybody out there who does not have the platform that we have,” said Mahomes earlier in the week.

In recognition of social justice motions, the NFL prepares to play “Raise Every Voice And Sing” in addition to “The Star-Spangled Banner” at stadiums throughout the nation.

On Thursday, Arrowhead Stadium had “end racism” and “it takes all of us” marked at the end zones.

The Chiefs company has supplied total assistance for the racial equality messages.

” I think, whatever we do, we’ll attempt our best to display unity, togetherness, even if that’s with the opposing team,” Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu stated earlier this week.

” But, I think, if anything, people should remove from whatever we might do, they’ll eliminate the unity and the togetherness part of it.”.