Last week the City Fans United board received the shock takeover propositions from Mr Murphy, who has actually contributed money to the club for the previous 2 years.

Mr Murphy stated under the takeover propositions, The 1885 Sporting Village would be developed, which he declared was “the only feasible choice” in getting the club back into the Football League.

But the plans – unveiled ten years after Chester FC fans were given the keys to the Deva Stadium – have divided the fanbase.

And the plans have actually not won the support of the city’s MP.

He stated: “I have seen the news that Stuart Murphy has tabled a bid to purchase Chester FC, but I was uninformed he was including me in his statement.

” As a fan, I have actually been extremely grateful to Stuart for his generous financial assistance of Chester FC, initially at a time when we faced difficult monetary circumstances.

” When I first satisfied Stuart I asked him about his intents, and at the time he told me he was simply thinking about offering something back to the club and the city. He also detailed some of his concepts as to how we could make the club more business-like, and enhance the matchday experience to increase club profits.

” Stuart is entitled to alter his position obviously, as the circumstance changes, but I was not expecting him to advance a formal quote to buy the club.

” Because our very first conference, Stuart has likewise outlined his plans to redevelop the entire area around the ground at the bottom of Bumper’s Lane. I have actually expressed some doubts about elements of this scheme but have never publicly revealed a view in any case, as the final proposition has not yet been come to. As Member of Parliament, I am always going to listen to anybody who wishes to invest in our city.

” So regarding the take-over bid, I remain of the view that our fan-owned model is the one I support. “Our City, Our Community, Our Club” resonates because it is real, since we have that sense of belonging and a shared ownership that we can all be happy of.

” But if we are to advance as a fan owned club we all need to play our part to make that work. My CFU membership depends on date, and I have simply renewed for this coming year.

” I do not get to as many games as I would like since I work on Saturdays and I am away in London for many Tuesday night house games, however I have to start making time to them. I haven’t bought into any of the lottos or participated in any fundraising events for a while – I need to do that more too.

” Fan ownership suggests duty: we each need to ask, “are we doing enough?”

” It may be that in the future the supporters will wish to depart from the fan owned design, but for now it is my view we stick with it. I am grateful to Stuart Murphy for his support, but I do not believe we need to consent to the take-over.”