My 11-year-old son’s entertainment includes playing Mobile Legends and Fortnite. Obviously he is not alone. Ninety percent of Gen Z and millennials pick to play Mobile Legends as a form of home entertainment.

And the 10 percent pick to play it as a major sport. One group is Bren Esports, an all-Filipino group.

Recently my boy informed me, “Ma, do you understand that the Philippines won the world championship of Mobile Legends? That’s the first for the Philippines Esports to win a world championship!”

I attempted my luck and messaged The Bren Esports team owner and CEO Bernard Bren Chong if I can interview him and the group and guess what? He agreed!

Bren informs me as my age makes my ignorance of this video game. “Mobile Legends is an online game that pits 2 opposing groups to eliminate and destroy the enemy’s base. Presently the app possesses 75 million gamers worldwide with a strong presence in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines and Indonesia. I started Bren Esports around 2017 with a concentrate on structure Esports Teams around competitive mobile video games. With the goal of being represented in all significant Esports competitions, Bren Esports is currently the greatest Esports group in the Philippines with 9 active groups from different Esports titles like Tekken, NBA2k, Valorant and CSGO to call a couple of. The current Bren Esports Mobile Legends team is headed by Coach Francis (Duckey) Glindro, Cj (Ribo) Ribo, Micoo (Coco) Sampang, Angelo Kyle (Pheww) Arcangel, Bords (Lusty) Castromayor, Ephraim (Ejhay) Sambrano, David Charles (Flaptzy) Canon, and Karl (Karltzy) Nepomuceno.

I was able to interview Coach Duckey too. My son said the group had difficulties in the starting so he thought the group would never ever make it.

“We are extremely positive with how our team gets used to scenarios to get the win. Although we had some difficulties in the middle of the grand finals, the team was able to close out the win for the Philippines”.

Karl (Karltzy) Nepomuceno was confident going into the world championship saying, “we’ve gotten ready for the best groups worldwide so the question is, are they prepared for us?”.

The group combated hard in the early stages of the tournament, beating groups from Singapore, Indonesia and Japan prior to proceeding to the grand finals. With a nail biting grand finals, Bren Esports began with a very comfy 2-0 in a finest of 7 series against the Myanmar based Bhurmese Ghouls.

With the team on the edge of winning the championship, the opposing team handled to make crucial changes to their selected heroes to counter Bren and ultimately turned the advantage with 2-3.

Now, on the edge of losing the grand finals, the Bren Esports group made high risk plays that fortunately worked in their favor and connected the series to 3-3. With the winning momentum on the side of Bren Esports and quick changes to their strategy in encountering the Bhurmese Ghouls, the group ultimately overwhelmed the competitors and bagged the historic win for the Philippines.

Bren Esports has sealed itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Esports industry and with the historical win has put the Philippines on the international phase of Esports. “We will supply our Esports Athletes with the structure and expert environment they require so that they can continue to succeed in the world phase of Esports” said Chong.

With the success of Bren Esports in the world stage of Esports, the business plans to continue establishing brand-new professional gamers to represent the Philippines.