The Chiefs are preferred by 3 points over the Chargers to start Week 17.

Early in the wagering world for Week 17 and something is clear: oddsmakers aren’t quite sure what to make from the video game between the host Kansas City Chiefs and the going to Los Angeles Chargers.

On the one hand, the video game is an inequality between one group that has secured the very first total seed in the AFC and another most likely readying itself for a head training search. On the other hand, Kansas City, at this moment, has nothing authorities for which to play, which makes it hard to tell what the on-field product will really look like come Sunday.

In reality, at this point, oddsmakers, if there are odds available at the site at all, are calling this a toss-up. Some websites like Bovada aren’t even making the game readily available for sports wagerers to wager upon. Others, like Action Network, have actually given the Chiefs a three-point advantage. Here, the Chiefs are the home group, which generally offers a team a 3-point advantage. Given that the Chiefs are then preferred by three, it basically indicates that oddsmakers would state it’s even on a neutral field.

Bettors may succeed to bear in mind that the Chargers have actually won 3 in a row and could sound up every one of their AFC West competitors in the streak with a win on Sunday. For a team trying to acquire confidence for the 2021 season, a four-game win streak to conclude the season could go a long method. At the same time, the Chiefs have plenty of talent and even if some beginners are sitting, no one is going to want to lay an egg at season’s end.

Who will come out on top? It’s tough to say, but it’s clear the Chiefs will be resting at least a few of their players. Simply the number of and how much that will affect the group’s final performance depends on the gambler to attempt to understand.