Just under two years after being created as a Dota 2 mod, Car Chess has actually been established into a stand-alone game and launched across multiple platforms- now including the PS4.

Developed by Drodo Studios, the main exit from early gain access to into the free to play space was marked with this launch trailer, flaunting what gamers can anticipate.

PlayStation will get access to exclusive material, in addition to something simply for Plus members:

Vehicle Chess hasn’t forgotten you, PlayStation Plus members. The remarkable (and unique) chess gamer, Chiyome Mochizuki will be complimentary to redeem for all PlayStation Plus members on the PlayStation Shop. Which’s not all. Once you check out the Car Chess in-game store, you’ll find it packed with much more exclusive material like chess players Matryoshka and Yi Sun-sin along with Goblin Workshop Chessboard. Matryoshka, Yi Sun-sin and the Goblin Workshop Chessboard will be offered for purchase by all PlayStation gamers starting on official launch day January 27!

The popularity of auto battler video games has actually grown in an extremely brief amount of time. Drodo Studios established the Dota 2 mod that would become Auto Chess in the beginning of 2019 and by the end of that very same year Valve, Riot, and even Blizzard had actually released their own entries into the category.

Automobile Chess is totally free to play and offered on PC, mobile, and now obviously PlayStation 4