Félix “xQc” Lengyel continues to assert his position as the brand-new king of Twitch, taking the leading spot for the second successive week. This likewise significant among the only weeks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic where a Valve-related esports channel has actually not appeared in the top three.

Lengyel’s consistent presence as a competitor for the top spot on Twitch represents something of a shift from the days of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ dominance. In the past, the biggest names on Twitch were connected to a specific video game, especially throughout Fortnite’s peak. The bulk of this week’s top streamers, in truth, are names connected to specific games or genres.

While Lengyel has delighted in success related to some popular patterns, he has actually progressed into a full-fledged range banner, with viewers tuning in for his character and special brand rather than a particular classification of content. During the last week, Lengyel’s broadcast sessions included roughly 20 various classifications combined, but the banner saw roughly equivalent typical viewership every day.

Helped by the personality-driven channels like Lengyel’s, Just Chatting continues its strong performance, generating over 41M hours watched – roughly 11M more than second-place League of Legends.

The distinct shift this week originated from Call of Task: Modern Warfare, the most recent in the Call of Duty series. Its battle royale mode has actually had surprising remaining power on the platform, specifically offered the short life expectancy of its predecessor in 2015. This week, CoD simply barely edged out Fortnite for third location, producing 21.68 M hours viewed. The leading 3 banners on the platform, consisting of Lengyel, all streamed multiple hours of CoD content today.