Call of Duty: Warzone has actually continued to grow given that its launch in March, with more than 60 million gamers heading to Verdansk to eliminate it out in the Gulag.

The game was built with battle royale fans in mind, however the video game’s Battle Royale mode is only half of the equation. Gamers can also see how they fare in Warzone’s a lot more special Plunder mode where the secret to triumph lies in becoming a competent hoarder.

Warzone pits 150 players against one another in groups of 2, 3, four or solo in an ever-closing map.

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The video game includes two main factions of the Operators: the Union and the Loyalty. Both factions include a range of Operators to choose from. The Coalition is an international alliance that consists of operators from SAS, Warcom and Devil Dogs, while the Allegiance is made up of the residues of the Russian Forces in Urzikstan, foreign mercenaries and rogue NATO soldiers.

And while the Operators are getting well-known amongst the players, has actually teamed up with Call of Task to make the “Union vs Loyalty” ultimate team. The principle consists on choosing 11 characters from both the Coalition and Obligation who are featuring in Warzone.

We’ll then analyze the specific traits of each character and potential Footballers who fit the mould and look like well with the character. The audience will be involved by voting for their preferred Operator-Footballer combination to make it feature in the Ultimate team.

For our new poll, we are going to be looking at Ronin from the Coalition faction and Azur from the Obligation one.

Ronin – Heung-min: Child is a clever player with excellent balance. He moves with dignity with the ball and is secure in ownership. He ensures he is always familiar with his environments and his decisions are typically accurate. Like Son, Ronin is a perfectionist who focuses on the little details. He doesn’t like to take uncalculated risks. Once he takes a decision, he stands by it and does whatever in his power to implement it.

Azur – Salah: Salah is one of the most tough working footballers worldwide which assists him to continuously enhance. The Reds’ star is now the complete gamer, with incredible rate, excellent decision making and high effectiveness in front of the goal. Azur is a difficult employee too. On the battle field, he does his absolute best to assist his group to win, using his rate and vast experience.

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