Cloud9 Blue has officially finished its complete five-man VALORANT lineup and included some new management figures.

Son “xeta” Seon-ho has signed up with the team as a full-time part of the starting roster, C9 revealed today. Xeta is a Korean Counter-Strike veteran who played for MVP.PK and TYLOO. He recently substituted Cloud9 Blue at the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Champion VALORANT competition.

In today’s statement, C9’s Skyler “Relyks” Weaver spoke together with new general supervisor Robin Lee and brand-new head coach Yoon “Autumn” Eu-teum about the group’s struggles prior to Descent on. They also talked about the current modifications made to the roster, consisting of Tyson “TenZ” Ngo stepping down from active competition and signing Nathon “leaf” Orf from Turmoil Esports Club’s CS: GO roster. Both xeta and coach Autumn join C9 Blue after the C9 Korea roster was disbanded.

Relyks applauded both xeta and Autumn for their abilities to with complete confidence speak “capable” English, as well as the ideas they were bringing over from their time on C9 Korea. He likewise stated the group remains in the process of figuring out which gamer fits each function the finest.