Team Highlight : Burnley F.C.

Burnley crowned as Championship Winners 2015-2016 Season.


Burnley Football Club is an English professional association football club based in Burnley,Lancashire. First Formed on 18 May 1882, the club was actually one of the very first few to become professional, putting pressure on the football association to allow and even promote professionalism. As a result, the club was able to qualify for the FA Cup for the first time in the 1885-1886 season, and one of the Lancashire clubs in the twelve founding members of the Football league in 1888-1889. Even though the club does not rack in as much popularity as compared to larger teams like Liverpool,Chelsea and Manchester United, it still stands to perform up to standard to not let their fans down.


Origins of Burnley F.C. 

Burnley Team, cheering with victory. Photo:


Burnley F.C. was slightly different from other teams in the sense that they started off being a rugby team called the “Burnley Rovers Rugby Club”. However, on 18 may 1882, the members of the rugby team decided to gather at the Bull Hotel in Burnley to vote for a shift of sports, from rugby to football instead. As such, more income could be generated by playing football. Moreover, with a larger majority in favor of the change in sports, the club secretary,George Waddington brought forth another proposal to the committee to drop “Rovers” from the club’s name, thereby Adopting the psychological high ground over many other local clubs by carrying the name of the town , in which similar to the earlier issue, was agreed on.

On 10 August, the club played their first-ever match as an association football club against the local team near the Burnley Wanderers, winning 4-0. The team wear a blue and white kit that was previously from the rugby club, at their homeground of Calder Vale. The club’s first competitive game was back in October 1882 against Astley Bridge during the Lancashire Cup , ending the game with a 8-0 defeat. In February 1883,the club was proposed by the Burnley Cricket Club to move to a  pitch that is adjacent to the cricket field at Turf Moor. The clubs remained there since and only Lancashire rivals Preston North End have continuously occupied the same ground for longer.

By the end of 1883 the club turned professional and signed many Scottish players, who were, at that time, regarded as the best footballers. As a result of turning professional, Burnley renounced joining the Football Association (FA) and its FA Cup, since the association prohibits the usage of professional players. In 1884, Burnely then led a group of 25 other clubs to break away from the British Football Association, in order to stand against the supremacy of the FA. This eventually led to professionalism being endorsed by the FA rule change on 20 July 1885, making the new body superfluous. With that saying, at the current time, the main rivals were their friendly neighbour, Padiham and such matches usually are able to rake in up to 12,000 fans.


Burnley F.C. as of today

Burnley, champions of 2016 season, promoted to Premier League Division
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The team struggled during the early years of the Football League and were relegated to the Second Division at the end of the 1896-97 season. But Burney made a comeback to promote themselves to the First Division in 1913; following years having won the FA Cup against Liverpool during the finals. During the 1920-2921 campaign especially, Burnley was crowned the champions of England for the first time, with an astounding 30 matches winning streak, which remains a legendary record until Arsenal took the lead during the 2003-2004 FA Premier League campaign. The club then remained in the top tier of the English Football until the 1930s, when they once again got relegated back to Second Division, where they remained there until 1947. Burnley then reap for themselves a second league championship in the 1959-1960 season, securing their title with a win over Manchester City.

In 1987, a last-day win against Orient saved them from relegation to the Football Conference. The team won the fourth tier in 1992 to become the second team to win all four professional divisions of English football league system. They were promoted to the second tier in 2000, and to the Premier League in 2009, 2014 and 2016.


Burnley taking out the defending champions, Chelsea. Photo:


Fast forward to the 2017-2018 season, Burnley started off with a bang, a shocking victory against the defending champions then, Chelsea with a score of 3-2. This marks the start for a reversed away form, as the club finished the season with more points collected on the road than actually back at home. Burnley ultimately secured an unexpected seventh place at the very end of the season, their highest placing since the 1973-1974 season. By doing so, they paved the way for themselves to qualify for the 2019-2019 UEFA Europa League, first time in 51 years. However, the European campaign was already over in August, as the team crashed out in the play-offs against Greek side Olympiacos, after they had eliminated Scottish club Aberdeen and Turkish side İstanbul Başakşehir in the previous qualifying rounds.