Beyond the Summit is keeping busy with its competition schedule, diving further into the Dota 2 competitive scene with season 2 of the BTS Pro Series for North and South America, together with the continuous Southeast Asia bracket.

In between leading groups like Evil Geniuses and smaller sized stacks like monkeys-forever’s 4 Zoomers, there is a great deal of potential for upsets and close matches as the event ranges from June 13 to 28.

The overall $100,000 prize swimming pool is split evenly between both local brackets, with the top finisher in each region set to take home $21,000. SEA play has already been underway for a week, and while the Americas start with the group stage, Fnatic, Geek Fam, and Group Adroit are looking ahead to the playoffs.

With both competitors running side by side for a minimum of the next week, it may be a bit difficult to stay up to date with all of the matches going on across the 2 regions. Here are is a list of the live scores and standings for both areas as SEA warms up and the Americas start the group stage.