Browns fans stay some of the most loyal in all of sports and waited outside late Sunday night to welcome the group home.

The Cleveland Browns nearly managed the upset Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. A Chad Henne scramble and a clutch fourth-down call by Andy Reid stopped the comeback late and the Browns headed back to Cleveland with plenty to be happy about even in defeat.

There was obviously aggravation from players and fans, however the latter group came out to support the group and let everyone understand just how much this season truly meant after so much dysfunction from the franchise in the past.

The final outcome was not what anyone in Cleveland wanted. Nevertheless, getting to the Divisional Round and keeping it close against the defending champs was something to celebrate. The fact the Browns even entered into the playoffs was a major achievement considering they had not done so considering that the 2002 season.

The weather condition was freezing Sunday night which did not matter. The players, coaches, and staff got to see the support and that will hopefully let them understand they are valued.

Cleveland has constantly been a Browns town. Fans desired the team to return to its winning manner ins which had actually disappeared for the previous few years and they lastly did the impossible in 2020. It is fitting the Browns picked 2020 as the year to turn things around.

Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic restricted fan presence all around the NFL this season. The players need to know the assistance was still there, but it was not the very same. Cleveland fans braving the cold and showing up was a great gesture. The true celebration will occur when stadiums can be full once again and fans can let out all the pent up enjoyment from over a year of waiting.