Brazilian League of Legends player Júlia “Mayumi” Nakamura has sued her former group INTZ for mistreatment and agreement abnormalities, according to Brazilian outlet START.

She revealed that she left the team on May 25 without stepping onto the Brazilian Champion stage. “I’m no longer a part of INTZ,” Mayumi said. “I’ll pursue my path with streams and individual tasks. I have no concrete prepare for the future, but I’m currently a totally free representative.”

INTZ, on the other hand, didn’t reveal her departure from the group. She reportedly submitted a lawsuit versus the group on May 26.

Mayumi was signed at the exact same time as Tainá “Yatsu” Santos in August 2019 when she was 17 years old. She just played cope with INTZ in the ABCDE Super League at the end of 2019.

Her play throughout a video game as Nautilus support went viral. Highlights of her private efficiency surpassed 13,000 likes and 800 comments on Chinese social media site Weibo. She was ranked Challenger when INTZ signed her and expected to compete with the group in the nationwide league.

Alternative mid laner Yatsu also previously signed with the team however didn’t compete in main matches with INTZ either and is now considered as an inactive player on the roster.

Mayumi’s legal representative declared in the claim that her function on the team altered from contending to marketing around mid-February. She reportedly felt in this manner because she was no longer being called in for scrims or getting counsel from the team’s coach.

Mayumi supposedly no longer had a desk or computer at INTZ’s video gaming home and was excluded from group meetings. This resulted in numerous weeks of inactivity. She reported that she didn’t get an answer from the staff when she reached out to voice her issues.

Her lawyer likewise said her contract was in fact only utilized to “optimize its own earning by exploiting her image” and to “turn her into a poster lady.” This apparently resulted in her not participating in training sessions and made her feel “humiliated” by being “just required marketing actions, since of her gender or age.”

The claim also focuses on agreement irregularities, consisting of a provision that apparently made her liable for out of proportion monetary compensation in case of unilateral termination of the contract. This might cost her as much as $317,000 and over $13,000 in case of agreement termination by the business, which apparently totals up to every bit of income she made while working for INTZ. Considering that she ended the agreement, she filed the lawsuit due to not having the ability to pay the termination fine.

In spite of the fact that the contract was signed in July 2019, INTZ considered her starting date with the organization to be in January 2020. In addition, it was reportedly a fixed-term contract set for 28 months, which goes beyond the two-year limit set by Brazil’s labor laws. Brazilian Dota 2 group DISCOMFORT Video gaming was condemned on the same legal grounds last month.

As a result, Mayumi and her attorney are pursuing the cancellation of INTZ’s contract and the payment of financial compensation for the months she worked without being signed up as an INTZ gamer and was, for that reason, paid less, in addition to discontinuance wage and indemnity for ethical harassment. If the agreement is thought about valid, they claim the payment of the legal termination fee to be the employer’s fault.

A hearing has actually been set up for July 21. INTZ stated all legal commitments were fulfilled and it had the intent of putting Mayumi in matches in the second stage of the 2020 CBLoL, which began on June 6.

Mayumi told START she won’t discuss the circumstance till the juridical act has ended.