The circumstance in Washington has actually deviated for the worst. As Bradley Beal trade rumors ramp up, they continue to lose games– and some against mediocre and lottery-bound groups.

Following their newest loss to the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday, Beal flat-out admitted that the scenario was pretty bad in the locker room, citing a lack of “laughter” and “chatter” from the team.

” We just kinda let teams stroll over us, and that shit is frustrating. … So yeah, we just move onto Chicago.

There’s no laughter. There’s no chatter. No one’s happy. I guess the only positive is that it appears like we care, but we got ta carry it over to the floor.”

Getting in the 2021 season, there was a sense of optimism amongst the neighborhood that the Wizards would go back to their status as a playoff group. In the weakened Eastern Conference, having two All-Star guards normally guarantees a top-8 area.

Sadly, the Wizards aren’t better than they were last season. Between Wetsbrook’s underwhelming performance and among the NBA’s worst defenses, they have not had the ability to win regularly, and stand at simply 5-15.

It remains to be seen how, and if, they can turn things around, however it’s clear that the current scenario has everybody on the lineup in a bad way, and it might be time for a modification.