He The year 2020 has actually had lots of great minutes in the world of video gaming and electronic sports and, despite the unique circumstances that we have endured, we wish to look back to stick with all those things that have actually made us get a smile.

For it, we desired to remain with a moment as the main protagonist of monthly and up until completion of the year we will be revealing a different illustration every day that we will accompany with a short article like this to discuss the most impressive landmarks that are in it.

He month of October has a lead character with capital letters: Reborn Live. One of the discovery streamers of this 2020 was defined for much of the year since his real face was a real secret, however That changed in the tenth month of the year, as he chose to show it openly.

Reborn is, therefore, the lead character of our October illustration, which is by Ainhoa García. It is this face reveal that captures nearly the entire image, starting with an indication that follows an aircraft and that prays that moment long awaited by fans of the banner will occur. As well we can see a nod to the timeless meme of the 2 Spider-Man, in between numerous other things.

Obviously, we didn’t want to forget about October’s big moment in the esports world: the League of Legends World Cup. It appears in a secondary airplane, but in the background in among the structures you can see the promotional poster for this edition, the tenth in history.

Every day from this December 20 we will publish a different illustration that will review each of the months of the year. It will be 12 days in which you can keep in mind with us the most memorable minutes of a year that, despite whatever, has had numerous things that we will keep in mind fondly.