BMW Group Middle East has announced the launch of its local initiative, Battle of The Gamers eSport tournament.

In line with the BMW brand’s significant expansion and involvement in the world of computer system, online and simulation games, BMW Group Middle East has actually revealed the launch of its local effort, Battle of The Gamers eSport competition. This distinct task is the first of its kind throughout the BMW Group worldwide and will be available for residents throughout the GCC and Levant markets.

With more time being spent in the house throughout this period, BMW Group Middle East chose to launch the idea which makes up of three key elements: Online tournaments, in-game training programs and month-to-month podcasts.

BMW: Fight of the Gamers is an innovative online-only competition that will bring the very best players throughout the area together, crowning the top groups and individuals. With a total reward pool of $50,000 across numerous video games, consumers will have the chance to play DotA, FIFA and Fortnite, with more video games to be confirmed.

Competitions will be held for 3 days a week over the next 3 months starting with DotA on the 14th May 2020. Picked games will include commentary from live streams and online viewing will be offered post game.

BMW Group Middle East’s in-game coaching programme titled The BMW eSports Academy, will enable casual gamers and pros alike to take part in online classes around gaming subjects. Gamers can expect to get insights from coaches, video game extremely bosses, pro-gamers, influencers and game analysts.

For pro-gamers, BMW have organised a series of activities such as, preparation and training for tournaments, live chats and Q&A sessions, player journeys and clubs searching. More unwinded players will be provided with technical training, pointers, techniques and training sessions, the possibility to sign up with 1 v 1 difficulties and even the chance to play with a pro coach.

BMW: Steering into Gaming, an amazing idea of online video-series and podcasts, will be conducted in partnership with the movers and shakers of the video gaming industry. This initiative has actually been developed to empower players to be on top of what is occurring in the regional gaming market.

Lars Nielsen, BMW Sales and Marketing Director of BMW Group Middle East, says, “As the eSports sector continues to broaden and develop, we welcome this interesting addition to our selection of marketing activities.”

” Regardless Of the Middle East being the world’s fastest growing video gaming market, e-Sports is still really much in an advancement phase. BMW Middle East intends to take the local gaming ecosystem to the next level. We wish to put focus on one of the world’s strongest video gaming markets, encouraging both expert and casual participation and eventually bring pleasure to customers.”

” We can see the real power of eSports within the area and think that this job will be a substantial success.”

The automotive brand name will be utilising Gamers Hub Middle East’s structure to introduce their very first eSport tournament.