Market giant Blizzard– the name behind critically acclaimed franchises Diablo and Warcraft– provided a warning last month that this year’s BlizzCon (brief for Blizzard Convention) may not press through on account of the coronavirus health scare.

The other day, the California-based studio formally revealed that the highly prepared for occasion was certainly canceled. Blizzcon Executive Producer Saralyn Smith dealt with the neighborhood through a post on the convention’s main website.

Smith mentioned in her announcement that the occasion’s cancelation was the outcome of comprehensive deliberation about the present state of affairs, and how they’ll remain in the coming months.

She expressed her team’s impassioned frustration with how things turned out, but used up a silver lining to discouraged fans.

Smith described how there were continuous discuss a BlizzCon-like occasion that would be held online, meaning it would be less affected by the impacts of the pandemic. In spite of their desire to launch the event this year, the logistics realistically point to an early 2021 opening.

BlizzCon 2020 isn’t the only major video gaming event of the year to get side-tracked as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), one of the most anticipated gaming expos of the year, broke news of their cancelation throughout the 2nd week of March, with the Tokyo Game Program following fit earlier this month.

A number of eSports events were also affected, with some competitions like the League of Legends Pro League and Call of Task League getting axed. Others opted to change over to an online format just to keep their events afloat.

While news of BlizzCon’s cancelation is absolutely dispiriting, Blizzard has been quite upcoming with their objective to release more titles throughout the year, which offers fans something to eagerly anticipate.

Reports have likewise been flowing about a long desired remaster of the legendary action RPG Diablo 2. The declared inside info was leaked by reputable leaker Julien Blary, the insider who forecasted the announcements of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.

If the rumor shows to be true, there need to be a lot of brand-new titles to tide players over till next year’s online BlizzCon event.