While some buffs are aimed at making the specifications more effective in a PvE environment, it might make some PvP specs overpowered.

Blizzard Entertainment is sharing some love to underperforming specializations in Shadowlands with latest hotfix, scheduled to go live next reset on Feb. 3. While the changes are mostly focused on assisting out these specifications in a player-vs-environment(PvE), they could drastically alter the player-vs-player (PvP) meta as well.

While some specs should have enthusiasts, such as Hunter’s Beast Mastery and Survival specs, Assassination Rogues, or Havoc Satanic force Hunters to bring them in line with other classes and specifications, others should not have been targeted with enthusiasts, such as the Frost Death Knight or Arms Warrior.

Arms Warriors have been dominating the PvP ladder and had a high representation throughout the current Arena World Champion cups due to their huge amount of energy cooldowns and damage. This damage buff is unnecessary and will make them thrive better in the PvP environment, where they’re currently dominating the ladder.

Frost Death Knights on the other hand have been finding a great deal of success after latest enthusiasts in previous hotfixes and have actually been climbing up to high ranking with numerous structures such as Windwalker Monk/ Holy Paladin or Arms Warrior/ Holy Paladin. These changes feel rushed and rather must be focused on making Unholy Death Knight more practical, a specification which has been underperforming rather difficult after the loss of crucial capabilities from Battle for Azeroth.

While some of the enthusiasts are great to help some specifications across both PvP and PvE others appear targeted to repair the PvE aspect, which might make those classes near broken in PvP with Arms Warriors and Frost Death Knight being terrific examples.

Overall, the class representation at the higher PvP bracket of Satanic force Hunters, Death Knights, Hunters, and Warlocks should slightly improve. However, some nerfs should’ve been intended in the latest hotfix to lower Paladins and Priests, which have actually been widespread across the ladder. Both classes have all their 3 specs practical at high level play and the main thinking is because of their big utility they bring across the board despite spec.