BLAST Premier Global Finals recently ended with an incredible face-off between Na’Vi and Astralis, a fine for Group Vitality, and fantastic performances from all sort of expert players. Today we’ll be discussing a few of the highlights, out comes, and what else is coming for the world of CS: GO esports.

The first day of the finals we saw Astralis quickly shut down Evil Geniuses followed by G2’s smackdown of Furia. Day two was when things truly got interesting though. Aside from Evil Geniuses beating G2 and Vitality beating complexity, we likewise got to be shocked when Group Liquid sent out Na’Vi directly to the losers’ bracket. In the Liquid v. Na’Vi game, we got to see fantastic efficiencies by all gamers involved; nevertheless, Team Liquids recent addition of FalleN seems to have paid off. The third day saw Intricacy v. Navi (1-2), Astralis v. G2 (2-1), and Vitality v. Team Liquid (2-0). On the 4th day it was Evil Geniuses v. Team Liquid (1-2) and Na’Vi v. G2 (2-0). The fifth day brought us Astralis v. Vitality (2-1) and Na’Vi v. Team Liquid (2-0). Finally, on the sixth day we first got to Na’Vi defend their chance at the finals versus Vitality followed up by the mind-blowing grand final featuring Astralis v. Navi. In that game viewers were rather surprised when the # 1 team in the world was swiftly and deftly put in their brand-new place by group Na’Vi.

In spite of the surprising success of Na’Vi after such a swift and early defeat, the genuine program stopper was the news and debate surrounding Group Vigor after sending Team Liquid to the lower bracket. The Esports Integrity Commission released a fine to Team Vigor who were found to be stream sniping. The ESIC stated no harmful intent was suspect but their absolutely no tolerance policy mandated reprimand.

Finally, we got to see FalleN initially huge competition with Group Liquid– take a look at our piece covering group Liquid on their method IEM International. His performance in BLAST has actually declared our hopes that FalleN would bring the focus and instructions that Team Liquid appear to have so desperately required.

With completion of BLAST, followers of CS: GO esports still have IEM Katowice 2021 to look forward to. IEM begins on Feb. 18th, 2021– simply a couple weeks away.