Cloud9’s homegrown superstar jungler Blaber put on another vintage performance on Olaf today to help his squad range themselves from second place in the 2021 LCS Spring Split.

Although 100 Thieves no longer appear like the second-best League of Legends team in the LCS, they are still legitimate contenders. However Cloud9 ran circles around them and pushed the tempo forward in every regard, proving they are definitively the very best group in North America.

The addition of Perkz continues to pay dividends for Cloud9, however maybe not in the method lots of believed when among Europe’s finest gamers came to the LCS. Last summer as Blaber’s champion pool was pinched, the team began to falter and ultimately lost out on Worlds totally. However with increasingly more attention and bans being tossed at the mid laner (100 Burglars prohibited out three mid laners and no junglers), Blaber has actually run definitely buckwild on picks like his signature Olaf and place on performance after performance similar to his Spring 2020 kind.

In spite of what looked like a stomp at the 20-minute mark in a 8-1 kill lead for Cloud9, the gold lead was just 1.5 k at that point. 100 Burglars played well from “behind” and didn’t enable the game to get out of control despite being down three dragons to no also.

But the dam burst when Cloud9 took a Baron after getting a tease Damonte in the top lane and instantly took a damaging ram to the Thieves’ base with Blaber keeping his foot firmly pushed down on the gas pedal in the 24-minute win.

With a two-game lead over TSM and 100 Burglars, Cloud9 (10-2) might clinch a playoff spot next week but deal with a difficult slate which consists of Group Liquid and TSM on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. 100 Burglars (8-4) are still in good shape, particularly after TSM were distressed by FlyQuest previously in the day, and can take a huge action towards a top-four finish with wins over Evil Geniuses and TSM next week.