The Buffalo Bills lineup is good on its surface area. However the NFL Wire thinks it’s far more than that, too.

Pegging 11 teams with the “deepest lineups” in the NFL, the Costs arrive at this list at No. 8 overall.

Here’s what makes the Costs roster so deep via Touchdown Wire, along with a vibrant 2020 forecast:

There is excellent reason for the optimism. Coming off a playoff berth in 2019, the Expenses have enhanced on paper in the previous couple of months. They needed another deep hazard for quarterback Josh Allen, and they added Stefon Diggs, among the game’s best deep hazards and a very talented route runner. They had a requirement at running back, and they added Zack Moss in the 3rd round, a gamer similar to Roger Craig. They reinforced their protective front in free firm, signing Mario Addison and Vernon Butler, and drafting A.J. Epenesa. Maybe more significantly, they kept securities Micha Hyde and Jordan Poyer together, and if you need to know how crucial they are, simply ask Tom Brady himself.

This is a deep lineup from top to bottom.

The biggest concern facing this team today, is Allen himself. If the quarterback takes an advance as a passer, the Expenses might end up where their committed fans hope they will be: Atop the division.

Along with the mentioned feature’s of Buffalo’s lineup, there’s plenty more we can include. The continuity of an entire starting offending line returning, plus the addition of veteran backups? Check. An unbelievably skilled and young duo of linebackers in Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano? Examine. And we didn’t see the name Tre’Davious White composed here, who is possibly the most overall skilled football gamer on Buffalo’s lineup.

However, we’ve got some compelling sincerity here, too. A great deal of this team’s success, like most teams, trips on their quarterback’s play. The Costs will be no different in 2020.

Amongst the other 10 groups noted, none of the others are in the AFC East as the Patriots, Dolphins and Jets all stop working to split the ranking. In terms of the AFC overall, the Bills are the fourth-highest team, tracking only the Ravens (1 ), Chiefs (2 ), and Titans (6 ).