The Philadelphia 76ers have actually won 4 of their last five games, the most current pair coming versus the Boston Celtics group that swept them out of the playoffs last season. At 11-5, they are atop the Eastern Conference. Great times, right?

Guy, he was so close, wasn’t he? If that quote ends with “so I do not see what people are stating,” he’s home safe. Simmons doesn’t owe it to anyone to monitor his social media feeds for praise, criticism or anything else. His focus rightly needs to be on winning and how he can help his group. And he is helping his team! Simmons was maybe the Sixers’ finest player in the 4th quarter last night:

These weren’t low-cost or simple points, either. The most notable play came when he jumped a passing lane, swiped the ball near midcourt and soaked at the other end:

That play highlighted why Simmons is so unique. It’s nearly impossible to account for his length and his court awareness at the protective end. He was an All-Defensive First string option after the shortened bubble season, on merit. And when he does steal the ball, his ballhandling and his capability to cover open court in a couple of strides make him a threat.

Sixers’ center Joel Embiid is publishing MVP-caliber numbers this season, and last night he credited Simmons for his dominant fourth quarter.

” I love having fun with him,” Embiid said. “That 4th quarter starts on the protective end, and he was a beast. He got a lot of takes, and after that in the half court off the pick and roll he was attacking, he was aggressive and he made plays, he scored a couple baskets. He was big tonight.”

Embiid plainly comprehends that, if the Sixers are severe about contending for a championship, Simmons requires to be at or near his best.

Simmons’ option to dismiss “what individuals are stating” so aggressively might have roots in the trade reports that included James Harden pertaining to Philadelphia, and Simmons leaving:

Was there some part of Simmons that desired the trade to occur? Had he made peace with his time in Philadelphia ending? We will most likely never know that. What we do know is that it’s not even a week later, and Harden’s brand-new group is coming off two straight losses to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

As long as Simmons is here, Sixers fans will desire to see his best. The aggravation at his inability to establish a three-point shot or a mid-range video game is not spiteful. It’s wishful. Anyone can see that Simmons would be completely unstoppable if he could score regularly from outdoors 5 feet from the basket.

That does not matter today. As he is – magnificent strengths, glaring weak points and all – Simmons is one of the Sixers’ crucial contributors.

Ideally, then, the next time Simmons selects to talk about what content he consumes (or doesn’t), he’ll simply leave it at “I do not see what people are saying.”

Since he might not GAF about what “individuals” say, but those individuals very absolutely GAF about what Simmons states.