TEMPERANCE, Michigan (WTVG) – Bedford High School’s newest athletic action doesn’t happen on a court, a field, or a gym floor instead students fight in front of a screen.

” A lot of trainees who use computer game as a hobby put as much time and effort in as any great football, basketball, or baseball player,” stated Bedford High School Esports Head Coach Mitchell Lestrange.

Lestrange a mathematics and computer science trainer is the school’s first-ever esports coach. Lestrange discusses the computer game competition consists of students playing a wide range of video games against other schools across the area and even the globe. Trainees will be able to take part and contend on the esports group by playing video game titles: “SMITE”, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

The state of Michigan recently produced an official esports league, joining 18 other states throughout the nation to do so. Bedford High School will be a part of the National Federation of High Schools taking part in esports action. School staff describe the group will begin out as a club team but want to transition to university status in the future.

” I would say this is a long period of time coming,” stated Lestrange. “Michigan has got a few programs, a few schools that have currently have an esports program set up, and we are trying to leap on the bandwagon as soon as possible.”

Bedford authorities are inviting all “Kicking Mule” students to contend. The minds behind the team discuss its inaugural season comes at simply the perfect time.

” We can do this practically, I mean no matter where we are at,” stated Co-Coach Beth Taylor. “It’s simply a good opportunity for all the kids.”

Teacher and previous cheerleading coach Beth Taylor is trading her pom-poms for PC’s to help the group. Taylor and Coach Lestrange believe esports is an opportunity to reach and highlight all students.

” It goes versus the grain you understand,” said Taylor. “Everybody is constantly like get away from the video games go outside and play, and you understand we have to celebrate the kids who are still going on and they are playing computer game and they are great at it.”

” The uniqueness of esports is having the ability to reach any type of trainee whether athletically inclined or not, they can play and get involved and be as good as anybody,” stated Lestrange. “That’s what makes it truly unique and fun.”

Over 40 students have connected to sign up with Bedford High Schools’ virtual athletic group. Coach Lestrange is hoping to see other high schools throughout the region create teams of their own. The Bedford High School “Kicking Mules” esports group will start their preseason in March.