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Flamengo Esports director suggests distance to Amazon and exposes likely agreement time

Fred Tannure, director of Flamengo’s electronic sports team and Thiago “Djoko” Maia, head coach of the League of Legends group, made a live on TwitchTV to speak about the next steps and how the club will work from the second split of CBLOL. After saying that there will be an unique uniform for Esports and that the gamers will use the very same t-shirt as the expert soccer team, Tannure revealed the proximity of a possible agreement with Amazon and the agreement’s length of arrangement.

– Today we have something happening with Amazon. I truly desired Amazon to put their logo on our t-shirt. I believe it’s all about. Amazon, for what looks like it’s going to be a three-year or two-and-a-half year contract with Fla. For us it makes a lot of sense, due to the fact that we have an existing agreement with Twitch. We can develop documentaries about Esports, that kind of material that makes a difference.

In the recently, the matter returned highly in the press after Flamengo provided a declaration verifying the end of the contract with Banco Bs2, the current master sponsor of the club, at the end of June. The bond earned the club about R $15 million every year. It is estimated that Amazon can pay more than double to mark its brand name in the prime location of?? the red-black mantle.

Diretor do Flamengo Esports indica proximidade com a Amazon e revela provável tempo de contrato