Eric Garcia was one of the evasive signings of Barça this past summer. The culés tried their hiring by active and by passive but they did not accede to the financial needs that enforced from Manchester. The Catalan center-back, trained at La Masía and who will be twenty years old in a few days, is now complimentary to work out which team he will protect next summer season during the 21/22 season as his contract with him ends. Manchester City. He has actually 6 months left on his agreement and the Blaugrana are the best placed to win the award.

According to information from CBS Sports, the Barça would have reached a principle according to Eric Garcia this really week. The culés provide him a five year contract to return to the Camp Nou and sign up with the shortlist of protectors of Ronald Koeman. The Catalan appears encouraged of his return to Spain, of the go back to what was his house. He Manchester City and Pep Guardiola I would have tried during the last months to persuade him to renew his relationship with the residents, for the minute, without success.

Already in September his choice was firm to go back to Spain, however the City he selected him, ended up being strong with his contract and declined the culés uses hoping that he could reach an agreement for his renewal prior to January. The months have passed and his weight in the group has not been as expected. He has actually only played 7 video games, 6 as a starter, divided in between the Premier (3 ), the Cup (1) and the Champions League (3 ). This situation has actually not led Eric to reassess continuing in Manchester.

Contacts with Barça have connection in spite of the departure of Josep Maria Bartomeu. From the Management Board of Tusquets they continue to chart possibilities and negotiate with players to leave a task for the president who is chosen at the end of January. The new culé manager will have little margin to reinforce the group, a little over a week to close operations and balance numbers of the club’s battered coffers.

Free in summertime or …

That of Eric Garcia It would be a zero-cost operation if the gamer winds up joining the club next summertime. But the sporting reality of Barça is really different. Those of Koeman they continue to carry the very same issues as at the beginning of the season. The Dutch coach already complained eventually about the lack of workers in the rear. Injury to Pique, the tremendous doubts that it generates Umtiti and the slump of Lenglet They greatly compromise the protective warranties of the team.

This season the youth team has emerged Mingueza in a time of requirement. Regardless of the truth that he has provided an optimal level, his absence of background in the elite and cohesion with the rest of the team continues to produce doubts. Araujo is another of the players who has actually amazed since he recuperated from his injury and had an opportunity. Although his mistake against Eibar continues to make it clear that he still has a way to go to be a guarantee center.

He Barça does not dismiss re-bidding down for Eric Garcia this january. In this previous market, the club placed on the table a quantity that was around 10 million euros. He had a year left on his agreement at the time and, according to the player’s dream, it appeared like a fair offer. He Manchester City he flatly dismissed it as too low.

With the concept of agreement existing in between the Garcia and the Barça, Those 5 years of contract, the gamer will wind up loading his bags for Barcelona at the most recent in June. If the Catalans return to use for him in this winter market, the reaction of the City it might be various with a view to your completely complimentary departure in a few months. The Blaugrana financial crisis does not allow large dispensations and that of Eric it could be a great, quite and, essential to them today, inexpensive.