NATIONAL Capital District Governor’s Cup rookies Southside Brothers are identified to win the title in spite of having no sponsor, coach and experienced gamers.

Brothers main Matt Rilly said they were mainly youngsters from the Moresby South Rugby League.

” A great deal of our guys know and have fun with the players from QPR Colts,” he stated.

” However when the Colts lineup was complete, we decided to make our team for those who didn’t make the cut.

” Colts are our ‘bros’ and we’re pleased to bet them and other teams in the competition.

” The team is comprised of mainly junior players, the majority of them with little or no experience.

” But we thought it would a great idea to get ourselves together and form a team.

” We accepted have each gamer contribute a minimum of K50 while we raised funds to pay our registration cost and employ jerseys for the tournament.

” At this moment, we do not have a coach however it’s just the gamers and a few individuals who have actually actioned in to share ideas and game patterns.

” We told ourselves that if we were excellent enough to reach the finals, we suffice to take on the larger teams and we’re thrilled to actually make the final.”