Viewers at the National Stadium’s VIP area during the UEFA Nations League match were loaded like sardines, Cassola states

Independent election prospect Arnold Cassola has actually asked the Cops Commissioner to examine viewers who participated in the Malta vs Faroe Islands football match, in spite of COVID-19 procedures dictating otherwise.

Cassola stated on Thursday that according to security procedures issued by SportsMalta and the health authorities back in July, matches ought to be played behind closed doors. Viewers are not enabled to enter stadiums and sport properties for both training and competition matches.

According to the policies, Cassola stated, access to the venues and arenas was restricted solely to professional athletes, place and coaching staff.

In spite of this, he stated the VIP area at the National Stadium, throughout the UEFA Nations League match, was “packed like sardines”.

Cassola also pointed out that while the use of showers was strictly restricted for athletes, and non-athletes might not even utilize a dressing space in sports facilities such as the National Swimming pool, Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima, a non-athlete, was visualized inside the dressing room with Maltese footballers.

“In these attempting times for everybody, where people are needing to give up on basic needs, such as going to senior parents in houses, meeting more than 5 good friends, needing to wear a face-mask outside, and so on, it is absolutely unacceptable that fortunate individuals are allowed to flout guidelines, left, right and centre just since they are thought about to be VIPs,” Cassola stated.

He said this “fortunate treatment” was normal of a “corrupt dictatorship” and not of “fully grown democracies”.

Cassola contacted Cops Commissioner Angelo Gafa to investigate the occasion.