This is due to the fact that the Chelsea team and staff are not able to fly to Madrid as a result of coronavirus restrictions in between the UK and Spain.

With this in mind, an alternative location that both groups would be able to take a trip to and return from was looked for. The National Arena in Bucharest, where Atleti won the 2012 Europa League final, has actually been selected for the game that’ll happen on February 23.

” UEFA has the ability to formally verify that the Champions League round of 16 first leg match in between Atletico Madrid and Chelsea will now be played at the National Arena in Bucharest,” a UEFA statement started.

” The date of the match (February 23, 2021) and the begin time (21:00 CET) will stay the very same.

” UEFA would like to reveal its gratitude to Atletico Madrid and Chelsea for their assistance and close cooperation, in addition to the Romanian football federation for their support and agreeing to stage the match.”

Other Champions League venue changes imply Borussia Monchengladbach vs Manchester City and RB Leipzig vs Liverpool will both happen in Budapest.