He may play better or worse, but Athletic has been revealing because last season that it has a bomb-proof competitive spirit. What took place last night at Villamarín was absolutely nothing various from what was experienced in the previous edition of the Cup in Elche, Tenerife, San Mamés and Granada. It was likewise quite similar to the start of 2021 in the last of the Super Cup.

This time it appeared that it was going to be the final one. Juanmi’s goal in the 85th minute of the match left the Bilbao group with hardly any space for response. Betis also provided the feeling of being physically cooler.

But, as the old stating goes, “Whoever battles is not dead” and Marcelino’s pupils, with their captain Muniain out, signed the 1-1 at the edge of the 94th minute. Iñigo Martínez center on the edge of the area and Raúl García, marvelous, sent out the ball to the back of the net.

The series of protagonists altered from there. After half an hour of painful extension came the feared penalty shoot-out. And there, between launch and launch, Unai Simón stuck out by stopping two optimal penalties and Raúl García himself, Williams, Morcillo and Yuri by changing his. To the semifinals!