If you are an e-sports player, and preparing to take that to the next level by getting involved in nationwide and international tournaments, then Asus has a constructed a tailormade platform for you. Asus has revealed ROG Academy in India, where, it will train PC players through a set curriculum.

Asus will select an overall of 6 players using a screening procedure, and these gamers will get the finest training and skills that they need to contend in the e-sports world.

Asus ROG Academy is a year-long program with 4 sessions per quarter. In the very first three months, these gamers will go through a variety of activities such as skill training, mentorship from the coach to team effort, communication, and top-level concepts used in the greatest level of competitors. On top of that, Asus will also supply the individuals with a high-end gaming RIG, which should offer the very best gaming experience. And the company will even cover your internet charges.

ROG Academy in the first quarter will train “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” gamers. Upon the successful conclusion of the training, Asus will offer an Ex-Gratia of Rs. 100,000 to all the individuals. On top of that, each player will get a monthly monitory compensation of Rs. 15,000 per month. These gamers will officially represent Asus for the first 3 months at different competitions, and they can construct their own group post three months.

Anybody (both woman and male) over the age of 16 can look for ROG Academy. Gamers aged in between 16 to 18 have to send a § approval letter from their parents to take part in the program. The applications for ROG Academy can be applied online from February 1st to February 10th.

Once used, there will be a screening process, where, applicants need to display their abilities and skill in open tryouts, and a jury will choose the leading 6 participants.

India is a substantial market when it pertains to video gaming. In fact, there has been a rise of 31 percent simply in 2019 in the online video gaming space. And currently, there are over 365 million online gamers in the country, and this number is most likely to reach 440 million by 2022.

Some highly proficient e-sports enthusiasts may do not have correct training and equipment (PC hardware), this is where programs like ROG Academy will play an essential function. If you are an experienced player, platforms like ROG Academy can take you to the next level, and the business is providing a stipend, where you can earn while you discover. If you enjoy e-sports, especially CS: Go, then, you ought to use to ROG Academy to get the very best possible training and mentorship from the market experts.