ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), No. 1 Video gaming Laptop brand name, with an undertaking to empower video gaming lovers in India, revealed the launch of India’s first virtual Academy program for players- ROG Academy.

As part of this effort, ASUS ROG will identify PC gamers through a screening procedure and provide them with a platform to sharpen and enhance their skills and prepare them for competitive E-sport competitions on a national and an international level. This initiative is testament to India being an important market for ASUS’s consistent efforts towards building a strong video gaming community in India and empowering gamers through a number of programs and efforts.

ASUS ROG will be offering tournament-ready gaming equipment and first in class high quality technology to players, with professional mentorship through this initiative. Which will help players to improve their skills to participate and conquer the E-sport tournament.

Arnold Su, Organization Head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Organization Group, ASUS India, said “The count of online gamers in India grew by 31% in 2019 and reached around 365 million; is anticipated to reach 440 million by 2022 as per a FICCI- EY report on media and show business. Owing to the pandemic, we are experiencing a permanent shift in content intake patterns globally and increased digital velocity. With a boost in E-sports gamers throughout the pandemic, ASUS has strengthened its dedication towards investing in the future of gaming market in India. It provides us immense enjoyment to be the first brand name in the laptop computer segment to introduce first-of-a- kind special initiative like ROG Academy, empowering gamers to conquer competitions and raising E-sports industry. We aim to encourage more and more gamers, mentor them through their journey, and familiarize them with future opportunities in this landscape. This initiative will supply a substantial increase in establishing a swimming pool of reputable E-sports gamers in India and pave the method for next-generation gamers with access to resources, mentorship and training.”

ASUS ROG Academy is a yearlong- program, divided into four sessions based on the quarter, targeted at strengthening the E-sports talent pool in India. The shortlisted group and gamers will go through a comprehensive choice procedure divided into different phases. This will culminate into 6 select gamers becoming part of a 3-month long session for first quarter, which will include activities varying from specific ability training, mentorship from the coach to team effort, interaction, and high-level ideas used in the highest level of competitors. The workouts, schedule and entire program will be specifically developed keeping in mind the title and the existing skillsets of the gamers who will be a part of it. The long term goal of the program is to have a growing number of knowledgeable E-sport gamers from India.

The very first session of the quarter will include “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” as the official title as we look for to uncover India’s the majority of talented gamers. Panelists will include an agent from ASUS ROG, partners. ASUS ROG will be supplying the entire team Ex-Gratia of Rs 100,000 price to all the final 6 gamers, as soon as they will complete their 3-month training effectively. The players will also get monetary compensation of Rs 15,000/ as stipend as well as a benefit on monthly basis during the training. Also, the 6 players will continue to represent the brand for extra 3 months while taking part in any competitions or events post finishing 3 months training program effectively.