The Danes would lose a lot of RMR points by playing at cs_summit 6.

Astralis won’t take part in cs_summit six Europe, which’ll be the 2nd Regional Major Ranking (RMR) CS: GO tournament for the ESL One Rio Major in November.

The decision was revealed today by Kasper Hvidt, Astralis’ head of sports, in an interview with French esports website 1pv. fr. “This is due to our general planning around the team and the method we would be punished for replacing gamers,” Hvidt said.

With gla1ve and Xyp9x currently sitting out since of burnout, Astralis would need to have fun with replacements Jakob “JUGi” Hansen, and Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer. For doing that, the Danes would lose 960 of the 2400 RMR points they won for winning ESL One: Road to Rio Europe in May, which was the first RMR tournament.

Likewise, any modification prior to the 3rd and final RMR tournament would cost them an additional 20 percent of their overall points for each player Astralis changes. “Sadly it would make no sense for Astralis to play this tournament under the provided situations,” Hvidt said.

Valve opted to cancel all of the Significant invites in April due to the coronavirus pandemic. Astralis are leading the European ranking with 720 points over second-place G2. Valve has yet to announce the date and competition organizer for the 3rd and final RMR occasion.

We do know, nevertheless, that it’ll have the most points of all the competitions as Valve wishes to reward teams hitting their peak ahead of the ESL One Rio Major.

Astralis are currently dipping into DreamHack Masters Spring Europe, and BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Europe. The Danes have one win and 2 losses given that playing without both gla1ve and Xyp9x.