Astralis signed Jakob “JUGi” Hansen as its seventh member on its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. The brand name already made the decision to add Patrick “es3tag” Hansen as its sixth, specifying the choice was meant to offer its gamers a break from time to time.

Then early last week, Jarek Lewis reported on how Astralis wasn’t going to stop at six players, and would seek to include one to 2 gamers more. As of now, JUGi and es3tag will be only brand-new members.

While having more than five gamers is uncommon for CS: GO lineups, it shouldn’t be surprising Astralis is trying to innovate the league. By having more gamers on the lineup, gamers can pick to take particular occasions off and even go on holiday for a time, however the team can still complete at occasions.

In 2019, Astralis had a short period of time when it skipped occasions to permit its players to rest, now the group could do both. Astralis expects both gamers to be able to take part in skirmishes along with matches.

” He has actually already taken part in a session where he adjusted and contributed as we expected. CS: GO is a requiring game, however, and it requires an incredibly high level of teamplay and understanding of the video game, internal functions and arrangements,” explained Danny “zonic” Sørensen. “I hope and think that “JUGi” will adjust and integrate into the team and our method of working, and I truly eagerly anticipate working with him.”