Video gaming and esports are becoming industry and a progressively appealing proposal for brands seeking to get in touch with consumers. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship finals, hosted in South Korea, brought in more than 100-million distinct views, a larger audience than the Super Bowl in the same year. Internationally, esports have been predicted to attract profits of $1.1 bn, according to research from Green Man Video Gaming.

A current digital Sunday Times Gen Next in collaboration with HDI Youth Consultancy event concentrated on how gamification and esports are giving brands access to new youth audiences. Bongani Chinkanda, CEO of HDI Youth Consultancy, pointed out that even luxury brand Louis Vuitton has dipped its toes into the esports industry through a collaboration with publisher Riot Games, which saw the French style house style clothing for characters in the dream video game League of Legends. The business also designed a bring case for the League of Legends World Championship trophy.

Essentially, esports is competitive video gaming, states professional gamer and esports personality Julia Robson. “It’s a virtual sport which counts on competitive gamers and viewers. Players are considered professional athletes. In order to succeed they require to be psychologically nimble.”

YouTuber, digital artist and content creator Thendo Mukhavhuli states live-streaming has to do with relaying yourself to an uncapped audience, enabling digital material developers to communicate with their communities in genuine time.

One of the most prominent computer game in recent history is Fortnite, which has actually influenced a cultural phenomenon with more than 250-million gamers worldwide. Prior to Fortnite, computer game were not as interactive or proactive, states Mukhavhuli, including that what Fortnite has done especially effectively is to keep gamers returning for me.

The million-dollar question, nevertheless, is how do brand names get included? And which type of brands should get included in this space?